State of the Union and the COVID-19 One year Anniversary

Dear members of Local 2228,

The Month of March is the COVID-19 Pandemic one-year anniversary according to the World Health Organization. This is one anniversary we could have all done without. Nonetheless here we are and I felt it necessary to highlight the adversity and professionalism of members in Local 2228.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in ways we had never contemplated. People have become sick, members have lost loved ones, our work situations have changed drastically in a very short amount of time and unfortunately, it is with great regret I also report that some of our colleagues have lost their employment.

Local 2228 members have been working diligently in supporting their employers, the Canadian Public, and others around the globe. The importance of the work 2228 members perform remains the same regardless of the situation the world finds itself in. IBEW 2228 members continually provide mission-critical support to Canada’s Air Navigation Service Provider ( Nav Canada ), the Federal Government of Canada ( Department of National Defence, Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to name a few, Power Generating Stations, Telecom and Broadcasting sectors.

I am happy to report that the Local remains in good standing due to the professionalism and dedication of the members that form this union. The Local is continually here to support and defend the membership in any way we can. Over the last year in person unit meetings have morphed into online meetings in several areas across the country. To support this effort in reaching the membership and hearing your challenges and feedback the Local will be scheduling regional online videoconference meetings near the end of March. Please watch the website for updates and registration information.  

As a member of IBEW 2228, please take pride in the work that you do because people's lives are impacted every day in some way by what you do and we should never lose sight of that. You are some of the most important people that are never seen.  Thank you for the difference you make!


In Solidarity

Paul Cameron

Business Manager/ Financial Secretary