Mandatory Vaccination Policy Update

Greetings Local 2228 members,
Over the past few weeks, the Local has been lobbying employers we deal with to be more flexible in their mandatory vaccine policies.
We have been calling on all our members’ employers to be flexible enough to find a less intrusive way to accommodate employees who do not want to comply with mandatory vaccine policies regardless of the reasons. It is our opinion that Local 2228 members are far too valuable and specialized in their work to be recklessly terminated without taking the time to explore alternate accommodations.
The Local has also been asking employers to be more lenient in their request for proof of vaccination and allow for attestation forms in place of vaccine receipts.
To date no employer, we deal with has agreed to any of our proposed considerations. We will continue to lobby employers for more reasonable and flexible policies.
The Local will represent members individually with any employment consequences they may realize due to non-compliance with vaccination polices to the fullest extent that the law and the collective agreement allow under the circumstances.
If individuals wish to grieve any action taken by their employer, please contact the Business Office or the appropriate Business Representative for your region.
Paul Cameron
Business Manager / Financial Secretary
Meaghan Olmstead
Assistant Business Manager
Michel Gaulin
Eastern Business Representative (Thunder Bay Ontario and all places East)
Glen Kautz
Western Business Representative
(All places West of Thunder Bay Ontario)
In Solidarity
Paul Cameron
Business Manager/ Financial Secretary