MOU on vacation leave cash-out signed with TBS

Earlier this year, we informed members that as indicated by OCHRO in their last bulletin, automatic cash-out of excess leave would be back in effect on March 31, 2022.
We are happy to announce that last week, IBEW-FIOE negotiated and signed a memorandum of understanding with Treasury Board lifting the moratorium on vacation leave cash-out due to ongoing issues with the Phoenix pay system for IBEW-FIOE members. The Employer will proceed with the payment of outstanding vacation leave starting March 31, 2022.
This MOU is designed to smooth out the payment of excess leave to reduce the payments for the Employer and to reduce the tax burden on employees for the cash-out. The MOU can be viewed HERE  (English)
Vacation leave cash-out details:
For vacation leave this year and until 2026, the amount of leave you’ll have automatically cashed out will take place in two steps each year on March 31:
20% of the excess leave you have accrued in your bank beyond the 262.5-hour limit will be cashed out automatically
Up to 100% of any unused vacation from that fiscal year will be cashed out based on what excess leave remains beyond the 262.5-hour limit.
The total amount of leave cashed out will never place you below the 262.5-hour limit in your bank.
Compensatory leave cash- out details:
Employees with a compensatory leave balance on March 31, 2022 will receive a cash out of 20% per year from the applicable bank of compensatory leave, from March 31, 2022, to March 31, 2026.
Unused compensatory leave earned between April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, and during each subsequent fiscal year will also be paid according to the provisions of the applicable collective agreement, to avoid for the balance to increase.
As always, members can still request a cash-out of their entire excess vacation leave balance. However, we encourage you to take the leave you are entitled to in the year it is earned, as leave is an important part of managing your mental health.
In addition, where issues with completeness or accuracy of an employee’s leave data exist, the Employer and employee can agree to pause the mandatory leave cash-out each year.
We will provide additional details on the application of compensatory leave cash-out shortly. For any questions about the MOU or leave cash-out, please contact the business office at
Signature d’un protocole d’entente avec le SCT sur l’encaissement des congés annuels
Plus tôt cette année, nous avons informé les membres que, comme l’avait indiqué le BDPRH dans son dernier bulletin, l’encaissement automatique des congés excédentaires serait de nouveau en vigueur le 31 mars 2022.