1. 06 March
    Nav Canada Tentative Agreement Ratification Packages

    It has come to the Local’s attention that the ratification packages mailed to members contain some simple errors. Portions of the instructions and information refer to the Treasury Board Ratification when in fact they should refer to the Nav (…)

  2. 05 March
    Member Survey Forum Launched

    A new section has been added to our online forum called “Please Tell Us”.

  3. 02 March
    Ratification Meeting Schedule

    The Negotiating team would like to advise the members of the following dates/times of site visits for Ratification Meetings.

  4. 28 February
    Spring 2020 Executive Board Meeting Notice

    Please contact your Region Representative or any of the Table Officers if you have topics or concerns you wish to have added to our agenda.

  5. 26 February
    Contract Ratification with Brookfield Power - La Lièvre

    As soon as the collective agreement is signed, it will come into effect and be applied by the parties, except where otherwise stipulated.

  6. 18 February
    Nav Canada Ratification

    The Memorandum of Settlement along with the complete package of changes is available for viewing. Ratification kits for Nav Canada members are scheduled to be mailed out the week of March 2nd.

  7. 14 February
    Tentative Agreement Reached with Nav Canada

    Your negotiating team is pleased to report that it has reached a tentative agreement with Nav Canada.

  8. 04 February
    Tentative agreement between Local 2228 and Brookfield Power - La Lièvre

    The Employer and the Bargaining Agent met during the week of January 27 to discuss the renewal of the collective agreement.

  9. 03 February
    IBEW Local 2228’s Michel Gaulin Appointed as IFATSEA’S Regional Director of the Americas

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of our very own Brother Michel Gaulin to the position of IFATSEA’s Regional Director of the Americas.

  10. 27 January
    Negotiation Update #3

    The Local’s Negotiating Team met with Nav Canada from the 20th to the 24th of January.