A Great Victory for Women’s Work

Published On: 5, July 2023

Dear Members,

IBEW Local 2228 is pleased to announce that following months of litigation, the Pay Equity Commissioner has denied Treasury Board’s application for multiple pay equity plans. This decision is a huge win for the entirety of the core public service, as it ensures that there will only be a single pay equity plan, enabling us to continue our efforts to reach true pay equity for women’s work.

Back in January, IBEW collaborated with 15 other bargaining agents to advocate for one single pay equity plan rather than the multiple plans that TBS was proposing. Having multiple pay equity plans would have allowed TBS to divide and segregate occupational groups from one another, making it much harder to achieve public-service-wide pay equity. This is a major victory for the recognition of work performed mainly by women, and the first step towards closing the wage gap that still persists!

Next steps

As we move forward, IBEW will continue to represent your interests as part of the Pay Equity Committee while we work to develop a new pay equity plan that has a submission deadline of September 3, 2024. We will update the membership once there are any noteworthy developments.

In solidarity,
Meaghan Olmstead
Assistant Business Manager