Tentative agreement reached with Treasury Board

Published On: 13, April 2023

Your negotiating team is pleased to report that it has reached a tentative agreement with the Federal Government. This agreement follows 12 days of meetings where all outstanding issues were resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. Here are the highlights of the agreement:

Economic increases as follows;
Effective September 1, 2022 – Increase to rates of pay – 3.5%
Effective September 1, 2023 – Increase to rates of pay – 3.0%
Effective September 1, 2023 – Market adjustment to pay- 0.5%
Effective September 1, 2024 – Increase to rates of pay – 2.0%
Effective September 2, 2025 – Increase to rates of pay— 2.0%

A signing bonus consisting of 2.0% of a member’s annual salary at the date of signing of the contract.

Improvement to Sea Duty allowance
Improvement to Travel Status leave
Improvements to cash out timelines of compensatory leave in various articles.
Sea Trials- New language to clarify the banking of compensatory time.
New Memorandum of Understand ( MOU ) to enter into discussions with the employer with respect to pay simplification.
New MOU regarding telework.
No concessions

The complete package of changes (English only) is available here.
The employer has committed to having a translation available within a few weeks.

Much of the past few days of bargaining was spent discussing wages. Although the Local still believes the EL community is undercompensated compared to our private sector counterparts, the Bargaining Team believes it tested the boundaries of what could be reasonably accomplished with the employer in this round of bargaining.

I want to thank the negotiating team for their hard work. Tough and timely decisions had to be made and your bargaining team stepped up to face those challenges on the member’s behalf. They are to be commended for their service to the members.

It is now up to the members to ratify the agreement. More information on the ratification process will follow in the coming days and weeks.

In Solidarity,

Paul Cameron
Business Manager / Financial Secretary