Bargaining Update #5

Published On: 15, January 2024

The bargaining team met with the employer from January 9-11th in Montreal.


The week began with the local’s bargaining team presenting the employer with our comprehensive offer which addressed wages, duration, and several proposals that had been previously tabled to the employer that had not been responded to or that the team felt was important enough to the membership to have another discussion.


Please note that we have entered the next chapter in the bargaining process where comprehensive packages and wage increases are discussed. Due to the constantly changing and nonbinding nature of the exchanges currently taking place, the level of detail shared through these updates will likely remain at a high level until we reach a tentative settlement or an impasse.

At the close of the week the employer presented their 2nd Comprehensive Offer to Settle to the team.  The team will be working through the employer’s proposal package over the coming weeks with a view to responding at the start of the next session which will be held from February 5th-9th in Vancouver.