“NAV CANADA – 8-hour break between periods of work”

Published On: 19, March 2024

Sisters and Brothers at NAV CANADA,

Your employer has advised most of you by now of the exemption it has obtained regarding the Canada Labor Code (CLC) article 169.2 (1). Specifically, this concerns the implementation of an 8-hour break between work periods. The exemption allows for a 24-hour window surrounding the work periods and the 8-hour break. NAV CANADA’s compliance with the Code being mandatory, the change in practice does not require the Local’s endorsement to implement, but it does require your employer to move quickly.


The legislator, much like your Local, is very aware that it cannot foresee every possible scheduling quirk inherent to the complex 24-hour industrial undertaking that is NAV CANADA, specifically its technologists. This explains the legislator’s granting of exemptions and further adaptations. Your Local has had to analyse these successively. This  FAQ constitutes our endeavour to navigating the amendment, understanding, as stated above, that we cannot foresee every circumstance.


Should a dispute arise out of availing yourself of an 8-hour break, your collective agreement article 36 will continue to apply, and we’ll be there to advocate.


Kind regards in solidarity,


Your Local 2228 representatives