Update to The Federal Government Tentative Agreement

Published On: 3, May 2023

Due to the outcome of the recent round of bargaining between the Public Service Alliance and the Treasury Board, the Local engaged in talks with the employer and we have concluded an amended tentative agreement.

The Amended Rates of pay are as follows;

September 1, 2022-Increase to Rates of pay 3.5%
September 1, 2022-Wage adjustment 1.25%
September 1, 2023- Increase to Rates of pay 3.0%
September 1, 2023-Wage adjustment 0.5%
September 1, 2024-Increase to Rates of pay 2.0%
September 1, 2024-Wage adjustment 0.25%
September 1, 2025-Increase to Rates of pay 2.0%

The Employer will provide a one-time lump-sum payment of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) to incumbents of positions within the EL group on the date of signing of the collective agreement.

The amended Memorandum of Settlement can be viewed Here

In Solidarity
Paul Cameron
Business Manager/ Financial Secretary